Our People

Our People

Our People

Our team consists of 22 educators who all take pride in being passionate, caring and nurturing people. We see it as a privilege to dedicate our lives to working, playing and teaching young children. We believe in providing a holistic learning environment where everyone is welcome and we provide consistent, quality care that is completely tailored to suit the little individual in our care each day.

Meet our Centre Manager

Name: Alecia Barr

Years in Childcare: 21 years
Diploma in Early Years Childhood,
What makes you passionate about childcare:

As Educators in Childcare we are able to provide playful and nurturing environments for children, and the interactions in these spaces bring us a lot of enjoyment.  Working alongside children in these early years means that we become an instrumental part of their welfare, their health and their education and I find this really rewarding.
Funny and memorable moments:
I laugh everyday here!  I find the conversations between staff and children really intriguing, even the ones that they don’t realise I’m watching or listening to.  Sometimes they are really hilarious!  Every single day is different and embracing our emotions is very important. 

When we have families who walk through our door that are feeling very anxious about leaving their children in care, gives us the opportunity to shine.  I have been an anxious parent myself, especially when I had to come to terms with the idea that someone else was going to care for my child.  But, I have been in the sector so long and deep down I knew that my son would be nurtured and cared for.  It’s really comforting to know that you're not the only one who may feel like this.  To be an example that can show that everything will turn out ok in the end is truly humbling to me.
Why do you believe your centre is the right choice:

At Bambini, we actively inspire our children to explore learning by nurturing their sense of wonder.  We believe children first want and need to feel loved, important and unique.  We provide a learning space that is safe, secure, happy and allows a child’s ability to connect positively to themselves, others and their community through caring, guidance, respectful co-operation, sharing, calmness and patience. Through these supportive boundaries children then feel confident to take risks, discover, build relationships and independence, and learn through their play.

We build strong supportive relationships with our families where we value their fundamental input into our program that incorporates cultural diversity, beliefs and values. This response strengthens our community and helps us work alongside them and with the needs of their child in mind.